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Johnny Rocket's famous Sterling Silver Kylie Knuckleduster


How a coal miner’s son from Central Queensland went from making model airplanes in the family kitchen to creating a million-pound diamond dress with British fashion designer Julien Macdonald, is the stuff of Hollywood movies. Crafting and building a crystal-encrusted robot for Kylie Minogue’s stadium concerts, and being the only business other than Coke to have its brand name up in lights in London’s Piccadilly Circus, is not something expected of a boy from the bush.

Johnny Rocket’s success – becoming the go-to jeweller for some of the UK’s biggest names in fashion and music – stems as much from his apprenticeship as a Brisbane punk-rock club owner, band manager and indie-record label founder in the ’70s and ‘80s, as it does from his jewellery apprenticeship at Queensland’s traditional engagement ring store, Wallace Bishop.

“I’ve got that punk rock ethos. If something you want isn’t happening or is out of your reach, you do it yourself,” says Johnny.

photo: Kylie Knuckleduster ring by Johnny Rocket -"In Your Eyes" Promo - Kylie

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